Tips for choosing the best cat food

Tips for choosing the best cat food

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Let’s talk about what kind of feed you can buy for your cat and some of those advantages, depending on their elements or the texture you get:

I feel dry: these are lifelong feeds, what some people call “pellets” because of the classic form of this food. If they are high-end lines then they will be perfect as a complete diet and the basis of your diet. This type of food is very convenient, useful, healthy and covers your needs. In addition, they give fewer teeth problems because when dry, they leave less residue on their teeth. That’s right, it is important that your cat always has water available and enough drinks if it eats only dry feed.

I think wet: food pouches in soft food cans or sauces and often have similar components for food drying, but lots of water mбs proporciуn, a big advantage when lнquidos take over your cat, which is always beneficial. Huh. Kittens have a hard time-consuming water alone, and if they do not drink enough water, they will suffer from kidney problems in these pets. Within this type of food, you get different textures and formats: mouse, chips in sauce, souffle … which both your pets will enjoy. They are more delicious food, with more taste and smell, more attractive to them in general. Find your favorites

Different tastes: Within the wide variety of animal feeds your compaснa, tambiйn seems to have a lot of variety of flavors: various meats, fish, carbohydrates from different sources … even new feeds new generaciуn last access estбn vegetables and fruits. This is a good contribution to all the benefits that these elements have both in their digestion, which would normally be mild in their nutrition and nutritional contribution. Always remember that your cat is a carnivorous animal and its contribution to animal protein is fundamental and fundamental to your diet.

Medicinal Diet: Some feeds are prepared to help treat some diseases of your cat. If your companion animal is suffering from a disease that requires you to take a specific diet, your veterinarian will be the one who will help you choose the right one for him. In these cases, you have a variety of brands and at the same time, they exist in a dry and wet format. Here you cannot skip your diet, but at least you will get different textures to like the most. On our website we have suggestions for feeding cats with certain diseases.

Monoproteic feeds: They are diets with fresh protein elements along with some sources of carbohydrates, and many of them, free grains or free gluten. These feed estбn are highly recommended for animals such as, compaснa suffering from food allergies or intolerances of certain foods, without losing taste or variety as tambiйn meat is not the first alimentaciуn pet used for domesticated deer, Rabbit, horse, etc. They are used to prepare fresh meat, which is suitable for human consumption and is free from hormones or processed flour.

By way of conclusion, from Fresh Nutrition we want to give you some basic principles: You need a balanced diet with the freshest foods possible, which will be synonymous with high quality. But don’t worry, because your cats will enjoy their food safely, as taste and quality often go hand in hand.

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