These foods are dangerous for your cat

These foods are dangerous for your cat

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If the cat is your favorite stomach, then obviously you must be careful about what she eats. It will definitely be important for you to be healthy. Your cat may be a thoughtful eater and you may think that they recognize good and bad. However, this is not necessary every time. You see your cat not eating spoiled meat and start thinking they have to choose their food.

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There are many foods that a cat should never eat. While feeding your cat, keep in mind that you should not give them food that is harmful to them. Here we are giving you the list of such food which the cat should never feed. Although this list is not complete in itself, it will give you an idea of ​​what the heck is harmful.

1. Chocolate

Just like humans like chocolate, some cats also like chocolate. But you never feed your sweet cat chocolate. This causes harm to cats. Actually, your cat should never eat chocolate. Theobromine found in chocolate is poisonous and can harm your cat. So make sure that you do not feed your favorite chocolate to your cat.

2. Spicy food

On average, the intake of tuna fish does not harm the cat. But giving in excessive amount causes harm. Mercury found in tiana can be dangerous and there is a risk of mercury poisoning in cats.

3. Raw Eggs

Raw egg is dangerous for your cat. This is one of those meals your cat should never eat. E. coli or other types of bacteria are found in raw eggs, which can cause harm to the cat.

4. Mushroom

Humans love mushrooms, but your cat’s ability to bear mushrooms may vary. Some mushrooms are poisonous and can cause harm to your cat. So keep an eye on your cat. Mushrooms are included in foods that are harmful to the cat, so avoid this.

5. Green Tomatoes

Cats can usually digest ripe tomatoes. This does not harm the cat, but the story is different in the case of green tomatoes. There is a possibility that green tomatoes cause gastric problems in the cat. In this case, green tomato is included in the food that the cat should not eat.

6. Garlic and Onion

Onions are consumed by humans, but this does not mean that it will be good for the cat. Onion and garlic are harmful to the cat. Sometimes it becomes so dangerous that there is anemia in the cat. Whether the onion is raw or cooked, it is harmful for the cat. In this way, onion and garlic become the food that your cat should never eat.

7. Alcohol

You might be drinking alcohol on weekends. But this alcohol is harmful for the cat. Your cat may like alcohol but keep them away from it. This may harm them. Alcohol damages the cat’s brain and liver.