How to know if my cat is sick

How to know if my cat is sick

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Certainly, if you have a cat mascot, you are very worried to see that it is indifferent and a little active, which immediately alarm you. And still and knowing that cats are not as active as dogs, you can find out. They are not okay if you follow their behavior in detail. If you love kittens and worry about your health, will give you some tips on how to know if your cat is sick or not .

1 If you have kittens then you should know that apart from taking care of their hygiene and food, it is very important that you see it every day, so that you can identify it more easily if your pet is in good health is or if, on the contrary, is a disease. It is also not necessary for you to be confused with the subject of health, but you should monitor their behavior and manner of acting to detect the symptoms of a sick cat . It may also interest you how many years do cats live? .

2 If you find out recently your kitten does not eat as much as he used to and shows indifference in front of food, it is probably that your pet is ill. Sometimes, due to fever, upset stomach or any other disease, the animal may suddenly stop eating. For more information, you can see because my cat does not eat.

Excessive water consumption is also a symptom that your cat may be ill. If you also notice that your muzzle is more humid than normal, it is also a sign that something is not working properly.

If your cat vomits once it is possible that it is because something made you feel bad, because they are very curious creatures and they are not afraid to explore. But if vomiting repeats occasionally, you should immediately take it to the vet to verify that it is not poisonous or insulting.  You can see because my cat is vomiting.

5 If you think your pet has some stomach disease, you will need to check your sandbox. Put on gloves and check if the kitten has diarrhea or if your feces are softer than normal if so, you will need to take him to the vet to check that he is in good health.

6 If your cat’s eyes look strange and watery, then irritability and aggression or other obvious physical appearance such as dull hair or any part of its body swollen is also an indication that your pet may have a health problem. Keep in mind that if a cat is sick, it can also be pure. You can see why cats purr.

7 If you notice that your kitten is sleeping more than usual, is apathetic and struggles to maintain balance. When you walk, you may have fallen ill, for this reason, it is necessary that you take it to a specialist.

8 If you feel that there is something that does not work well with your kitten, it is essential that you look at your sandbox to see how it turns out and if you urinate normally or give it a go Difficult to do, is an infallible sign that he may be ill.

9 You have to watch the time when your kitten is sleeping Cats who are sick and sleep more. If you do not have other symptoms of diseases like diarrhea, vomiting, bloating or loss of appetite then you should keep your pet under observation. If you notice that the symptoms are increasing, then you need to take it to the vet. For more information: How much cats sleep.

10 You have to look at the silhouette of your pet and its weight. If you have any change in weight, you have to take it to the vet. The fact that your cat suddenly loses weight or gradually may indicate that he is ill. To get rid of doubt, you should weigh once a week at home and if you notice that you continue to lose weight, you should ask your veterinarian.

11 Check your cat’s temperature Use a rectal thermometer to tell if you have a fever. But if he gets nervous, take him to the vet for him. A normal temperature is between 37.5 and 39 ° C (99.5 and 102.5 ° F), but the above is considered high and if you have a fever of 39.4 ° C (103 ° F), it is considered. This is the time when you have to take your pet to the vet. You can see how to know if my cat has a fever or not.

12 You should clean your pet often to find out new packages or growth. The most you should know is boils or lumps. They are benign, however, if they scream or hurt, it is necessary to check them. Also, note the bad smells that come from it. If infected, scratch your cat then take it to the veterinarian, because if it is not treated, he can suffer blood poisoning caused by the infection.

13 You have to check if your kitten is dehydrated. If you have got any change in your behavior then you should control so that you can drink water. The amount of water your cat drinks depends on the fact if you take wet food (if so, drink some water) or dry food (then it is normal to drink more). Cats have diseases that make them drink more than normal, such as kidney diseases, some infections, diabetes and hyperactive thyroid. You may be interested in how to feed a cat.

14 Check your cat hair. When a kitten is ill, it usually does not have the power to clean itself. Then, hair that was previously well-groomed and shiny would be tangled, opaque, and matted. If this happens, it may be that your cat is ill , although sometimes stress can also cause weight loss or you will not clean up as much as now.

15 Check if your dear friend has breathing problems. If you notice this your cat breathes very fast and with a superficial or open mouth and has not done any kind of exercise, it is important that you take it to a veterinarian. You should consider yourself whether your breathing is difficult or not.

16 Check your kitten mouth, see if your gums have been discolored. If your pet has black gums and at some point, you notice that they turn yellow, it may be that you have become ill. You also have to smell your cat’s breath, if you see a very strong and strange smell that is not caused by anything you eat, your cat may have a health problem.

17 The hide may be another sign that something is not right with your kitten. We know that cats sometimes like to get lost in some corner of the house, but you begin to separate yourself more than usual, which no longer are good. Remember that many times cats show us their pain or suffering and like to hide. Therefore, if your cat loves being isolated from the world, this is also a sign that something bad is happening to him.

18 If your cat appears to have some troubles while holding it, that is, he is the one who complains as if something hurt, you should examine your entire body to be able to find out where this pain comes from. is. It can be treated with some type of fracture, some kind of rash on your skin, such as a rash, allergies or something bitten by an insect or fleas.

19 Any type of cough or sneezing to introduce your kitten is important that you pay attention to. While this may be a temporary allergy, if it is that coughs or sneezing become constant, it will be very important that you treat it to find out what the cause is, and of course, treat it with the appropriate medication.

20A Suddenly aggressive behavior can also be a clear warning that your cat is having a bad time. Since this time the pain is an involuntary and completely normal reaction with us humans, we have irritability. That is, any moment you or your surroundings start to have a very aggressive behavior with your kitten, a clear indication that you might have some trouble is causing them this irritability.