How many times a year can your cat become pregnant

How many times a year can your cat become pregnant

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One reader asked: “How many times can my cat become pregnant if I don’t impotent my female and have another cat of the opposite sex in the house?”

Assuming her cat is past puberty, she can produce as many as five ladders in 52 weeks, which will be 5 kittens per 5 litters, 25 kittens. I calculated that the average difference of two weeks between a standard pregnancy period of nine weeks and conception:

  • Week 1-9: Litter 1
  • Week 11-20: Litter 2
  • Week 22-31: Litter 3
  • Week 33-42: liter 4
  • Week 44-53: Litter 5

Let’s move our calculations a little further: Those kittens are going to mature, and if left entirely, will start reproducing during that year. Kittens can reach puberty (sexual maturity) as early as four months, but for the sake of argument I will use five months. Conservatives assume that each litter has 5 kittens and two of them are female. (Females can mate with both of their strong friends or native males.) Using the same average duration as the first example, the litter can start intercourse at 1 29 weeks.

  • Liters 1: 2 women <2 mothers 29 weeks, birth week 38. Total kittens date: 10 kittens of original 25 plus litter 1 =
    2 kittens of 35 kittens litter 1 go to give birth to 40 in a week and 49 in week. Total count now: 20 kittens = 45 kittens of original 25 + liter 1
  • Litter 2: 2 women
  • Mothers give birth to week 40, week 49. Total Kittens Date: 20 kittens of original 25 plus litter 1, plus 10 kittens of litter two = 55 kittens.
    Allow 15% loss with stillborn babies, which will leave 47 kittens over a period of one year.

I do not know of anyone who can take responsible care of multiple cats in a single household.

These are situations we read in stories about cat collectors and backyard breeders aka cat carpet mills. They are also conditions that give rise to wild cat colonies, as people take their unwanted cats out on the street.

As horrific as those stories can be to contemplate, some people fall into this trap and neither fail pet cats.