Can my cat drink milk?

Can my cat drink milk?

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Do you hear the image of cat drinking milk? Aren’t they so cute when we see them in pictures drinking from movies and small dishes? This may be because many cats show great interest in milk, yogurt, and other dairy products.

It is believed that milk is good for them because it provides nutrients and calcium, but is this really the way it is? not good.

Cats are lactose intolerant. Like people with the condition, they do not have the enzymes necessary to process that component of milk. Some may tolerate it more or less while others may also suffer food allergies.

If we provide our cat with a balanced feed and leave fresh water at your disposal then you will not need any supplement in your diet. What’s more, the consumption of milk can lead to more health problems such as kidney stones.

What if our cat likes it so much?

If we want to give milk sporadically and a reward (never replace food or water) then we need milk lactose or fall for those specifically made for cats, which can be found in pet stores Can.

Additionally, as long as our cat can tolerate milk well, we may periodically give yogurt to suckle, as fermented products contain less lactose and can be better tolerated.

In short

Milk consumption is not necessary for our kittens and everyone will tolerate it in away. If our cat tolerates it well and it gets insane, as is usually the case, we can give him milk without lactose or as a special treat for cats, especially as a reward Can give in form.

Zelda is not thrilled to drink milk, when I arrived we made a special trial for the kitten but I spent a bit of it. And your cats, do you like milk?